Adopting Baxter


Since moving in together Luke and I had been discussing the possibility of having a pet. We both agreed we would like a dog. I have always had dogs and Luke has only ever owned a cats and Luke has always wanted a pet dog.

This discussion has been going on since last year and it has never seemed like the right time with work and our other commitments. March/April 2016 and we caved in (mainly me) and decided that we would get a pet. Luke always believes in adopting pets and although I wasn’t sure I was open to the idea…

Following a lot of research on the internet we made a highly excitable trip to Dogs Trust Bridgend on Saturday 9th April 2016. We kept our minds open and 50 minutes later we were pulling up to a quite busy Saturday morning at Dogs Trust.


Firstly we had to complete all the admin including an adoption form to work out whether we were suitable potential parents to a new fluffy ball of joy. Many questions later including our future plans which really made us question where we were which we did not expect.

Anyways, we explain we saw a few potentials online and was told to make our way down to the kennels to have a look around.


Each dog was wonderful, adorable; I wish I could take them all home. On our way round we saw the most gorgeous Cairn Terrier. Baxter! He was sharing a kennel with a very excitable dog which Baxter did not seem that fussed about. As smiles stretched across both our faces I think we had found our new fluffy baby.

Power walking back up the hill to reception we said how much we wanted him. Our own little Toto!


We reserved him that very day but had to go through checks to ensure we were right for him. We made a further two visits that week where we spent as much time as we could with him. Pending a home visit on that Friday we would be told whether we were successful with the adoption.

A nervous day awaited…

We were told that all was good and we could come and pick him up at 9am on Saturday 16th April 2016!

20160416_093250 20160416_093214

He is my beautiful fluffy boy and we love him to bits. He is an 8 year old Cairn Terrier with no health issues. We were told he had some attention seeking barking and we need to take things slow with him.


For the adoption fee, which is a reasonable £127, he is neutered, up to date with vaccinations, month of dog insurance, dog food, leads and harness. We can contact the behaviourist for the lifetime of the dog which has proved useful with some of his issues.


He has his own Instagram (Baxter Instagram) and has been on a few adventures so far.


Regularly walking him down the river, up the mountain and taking him away on holiday with us he is our bundle of joy.


We are unbelievably happy and relieved to have him and we managed to adopt which has its cons however he is wonderful. He is hard work and has some issues with barking etc but overall he is house trained with some basic commands. He can sit, give his paws, lie down and rollover. We have entered him into fun dog shows and he has proven to be quite successful.





New Year! New Me?

So I haven’t been blogging in a while and there has definitely been some amazing changes. My one resolution is to blog more and finally get my thoughts down in writing, mindfully. An update of what is going on and what the plan for 2016 is…

Firstly, the sad news for the previous year was that my beloved dog Toffee passed away. It was very much a shock and it still feels very weird that he isn’t about. I moaned when he was annoying but I loved him so much. It happened whilst me and Luke were on holiday in the gorgeous island of Corfu, Greece. Maybe one day I will have another dog but he will always be missed and loved forever. There will also be a few people that I/we will miss hugely…


Toffee ❤

However, 2015 has some great points too…

  1. I travelled to some wonderful places in the world and met some really amazing and quirky people and experience new things. The beginning of the year I went to London and Iceland. I plan to write all my adventures up in some blog posts so bear with me. Although in Iceland we did not see the Northern Lights we managed to go to the Blue Lagoon and travel around the island seeing the tetonic plates and gorgeous views it has to offer. In London, we had an amazing breakfast, visited the museum, Brick Lane and bumbled around town. Wonderful!
  2. Me and Luke (as well as Iceland) managed to get away to Corfu, Greece and Berlin, Germany for the Christmas markets. Corfu and Germany are my favourite countries in the world (with Iceland) so I am very lucky to achieve all in one year. The Christmas markets were beautiful and so festive. We drunk so much Glühwein and ate so much German food. Yummy! Corfu was glorious with a lot of sunshine and plenty of places for us to snorkel. We went out in to the sea, visited the north of the island with our little car. Again, I will get onto writing a blog for each of our adventures.
  3. THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Me and Luke have moved in together and bought a little house to call our own. It is wonderful to have our own space and settle down. Sometimes it has been hard but 99.9% of the time we are loving it and we even got to have Christmas with both our families. I was stressed cooking the food however everything went well with a little bit of help. We even managed a three course meal with plenty of wine and Prossecco. 🙂
  4. Luke handed in his PhD and has a job designing on the railways. Hopefully the formalities with the PhD will be completed soon and we can finally celebrate that stage in Luke’s career. His new job seems to be going well and he is very much enjoying it.

So how about the new year, 2016? What’s the plan?

Hopefully I can blog more this year with recipes, travels, health and fitness. Since moving in together me and Luke have (like many other young couples) have found things difficult due to costs etc that you commonly hear in the news. We have set about meal planning and getting ourselves healthier and fitter. Granted, we still love a couple of glasses of wine occasionally and the odd sweet treat and meal out but overall things have been going well. Our meals are hearty and healthy and made from scratch to know what is in our food. This is most important to us! At Christmas, I was given a lot of wonderful gifts. A new set of kitchen knives have made it so much easier to prepare our meals. Good tools make light of heavy work. Also, we were given Jamie Oliver Superfoods and Madeleine Shaw cookbooks that have some really great meal ideas for us. With the Deliciously Ella books and a few others this will be the year of the best food ever.

Also at Christmas, I was lucky enough to be given a Personal Trainer. My parents have gifted me a Personal Trainer to help me at the gym get where I want to be. So far so good! He is great, very enthusiastic and really brilliant to get you motivated and try new things. I cannot wait to see the results and see what I can achieve. All very exciting!

I participated in my first Parkrun in Pontypool on Saturday morning. Yes! I got up at 8am to run at 9am! OMG! It was hard at that time of the morning especially after I had a heavy gym session with Luke on Friday. I haven’t run a lot since last summer when I completed my last Cancer Research 5k run where a maintained by 35 minutes. Although I have been going to the gym I have not managed to complete any cardio for long periods of time. On Saturday I ran it in 37 minutes so quite a bit of work to do. I want to stick at it whenever I can and as there are events all over. Definitely would suggest that people try it, maybe start with the C25k apps and podcasts and give it a go.

I have managed to get up at 6:30am in the morning, making yoga and meditation party of my routine and a good breakfast that isn’t just porridge. Nothing against porridge, I love porridge but we are mixing it up with some scrambled eggs and some other hearty, wholesome food.

Overall, I hope to achieve quite a few things and get this updated.
Will speak to you soon.

More posts to follow…

Cirencester 2015

It was another beautiful weekend, so we made the most of it.

Before we went to Gloucester I managed to fit in a run therefore that was three runs this week which makes me feel better that I am starting to get back on track with a regular running pattern. Also this week I joined the gym! OMG! I start in May but hopefully I can mix up my routine and really knuckle down on my fitness journey. I can keep attending yoga and Pilates classes but I am looking to add some more to my list. Also, I am looking to add swimming into my exercise routine, hopefully would accompany my running without the pressure on joints. Maybe a blog post on the different classes and activities…

If you are in Cwmbran and looking for fitness classes I would definitely recommend Olivia Sweeney Fitness. She is brilliant, very enthusiastic and very encouraging. Her classes are well planned and tailored to all levels. Zumba is the most popular and is really good fun. I loved Pilates and a Stretch and Relaxation Class and it was utter bliss and felt really good. Another class is Body Bootique which is a hell of great workout and again thoroughly well planned.

We made our way to Gloucester to see the boyfriend’s parents which was wonderful as ever. I am glad I get on with them and they are really nice. We had cheeky glass of wine and a great meal when we arrived. Boyfriend’s Dad cooking is lovely, we had pie and vegetables and I could have stuffed myself silly.


Saturday arrived and we decided to have a trip to Cirencester in the Cotswolds. It isn’t too far from Gloucester, about half an hour. They offered free parking at the council building and there was plenty of places to park and was only a short walk from the town centre, a stones throw from the amphitheatre.

20150418_141042 20150418_143207

20150418_143441 20150418_144123

It was a quaint town which felt typical Cotswolds and looked pretty and sweet. It was the second biggest Roman City after London and many of the ruins remain there today.

We looked around the small shops from typical high street to independent stores. We had a mocha and bout a pasty from the Cornwall Pasty company. I had Steak and Stilton and the boyfriend had Moroccan lamb. It was yummy and we enjoyed them in the park whilst basked in the warm Spring sunshine.The park was full of people enjoying the wonderful weather and very enthusiastic dogs who really wanted a nibble of the pasties we had just bought.


20150418_131116 20150418_125341

20150418_131651 20150418_133225

After making our way through the park and failing to find the lake, I saw my perfect house. It was beautifully quaint with land to run and be free. The house felt cosy although big and the setting was idyllic.


We worked our way back to town… follow the church. Officially the church is Church of St. John the Baptist, Cirencester. We completed a lot of walking which is obviously good to keep fit as well as see a beautiful town. We stopped for afternoon tea at Black Jack’s Coffee Shop. They made the most wonderful homemade cake. I had a Lady Grey Tea with a Lemon Drizzle Cake. Luke had an Elderflower pressé but he had to help me with the cake. They give us the biggest slice of cake I have ever been given. It was huge! Homemade and enormous! Yummy and definitely recommended especially for the price.



We slowly wandered around the town as the evening started to set in, finishing up our little day trip. Then we headed towards the car to see the amphitheatre which was gorgeous. It would make an ideal spot for picnic and would definitely be a recommendation from us.



We drove back to Gloucester and quickly got dressed to head out again for dinner and film with the boyfriend’s friends. We had a lovely evening with some really scrumptious food especially the dough balls. Mmmm….


All of us headed to the cinema and watched the film ‘Woman in Gold’. It was a fantastic film! Helen Mirren was brilliant, as usual. It was based on a true story of Maria Altmann. She was a Jewish Austrian survivor of WWII. However, when she was young she was forced to leave to America after the Nazi occupied Austria. In doing so, she also lost a lot of her family belongings including famous paintings by an artist called Gustav Klimt. It is the story of this woman’s struggle to take back what is rightfully hers as well as coming to terms with her history.


I found my dream home in Cirencester… it was beautiful and quaint with magnificent views!



Remember me!

Well back to it, in every way imaginable.

Granted it has been a while since my last blog which I apologise for however it has been very very busy so there is lots to report.

Firstly, I went to Iceland on 12th March and returned on 17th March. I loved every minute. This is definitely one of my new favourite places. A blog post will follow specifically on Iceland soon, promise! To give a brief overview it was gorgeous, although cold it was wonderful with the most stunning scenery I have ever seen. The people are super friendly and it feels very safe there. Although save up some money it is quite expensive.

IMG_20150313_180803 IMG_20150314_154357

Secondly, prior to travelling to Iceland I had a cheeky weekend with the girls to London that was eventful. We saw Brick Lane and a wonderful Lego exhibition as well as dining like’Made in Chelsea’ and using the tube all the time. I love the tube! (So weird, right?). Anyway, a blog post for this will follow as well as one regarding my trip last year with the boyfriend, Luke.


I have been working on my friends blogging site and uploading pictures of her latest creations and inspirations. They are beautiful and stunning and I wish I was that creative. You can link to it Here! Please check it out and any feedback would be incredible whether it is web design or interest in products.


Anyway back to the past two weeks which have been crazy busy!

I love a bank holiday weekend and my favourite one (in my opinion) is of course the Easter weekend. Why? Because it is a 4 day weekend and the weather begins to get better. Summer is coming!


We went out on Friday night for a couple of drinks in Gloucester last week with Luke’s friend Daniel. I love Gloucester, it is a wonderful city with Cheltenham just up the road. We had a couple of drinks in the pub then finally headed to a place called ‘Fever’ for a little bit of a boogie to some old school cheesy music. Haven’t been out in ages. I usually suffer if I drink a lot of alcohol. I never used to but the hangovers are just horrendous now. Luckily I didn’t get anything too bad which is always a positive. Especially as Mum and Dad were coming to visit in Gloucester that weekend.I am glad that the boyfriends parents and my parents get on well and well enough to meet up and allow us to all socialise together. I am a very lucky girl. When they arrived we had a quick cuppa and I had a piece of Luke’s Dad cake (very bad indeed!) which was so yummy. He is such a great baker. Watch out Paul Hollywood :). Then took my parents to Cheltenham.

Cheltenham is a great place. I love the shops, the tea rooms, the bars and clubs. It is a wonderful afternoon or night out. I have to go back… still have not seen the Banksy yet so fingers crossed on my next visit I will.

IMG_20150407_215256 IMG_20150407_214852

Anyway we hit ‘Hotel Chocolat’ and bought a few last-minute Easter treats and headed home. Sunday was great… We had lunch and walked the dog up Robinswood Hill which is breathtakingly beautiful. I have walked to the top previously, this time we only went half way or so and the views are always wonderful. You can see most if not all of Gloucester city including the Cathedral. Then looking further towards the Malverns and the Severn Bridge when there is good weather. Definitely worth looking at if ever in the area.



We visited the docks in Gloucester as the Easter Food Festival was in full swing. Yes! I love the food festivals in Gloucester and constantly popping in whenever I can. Some of the stall owners are starting to recognise me… (oh dear!). Since rejuvenating the docks it is a lovely area (I did not know what it was like previously so apologies) which has some great social places that bring people together.


This food festival had an Alice in Wonderland theme which was brilliant. I think it was aimed at the children but we still snuck into the Alice in Wonderland maze and I had a cheeky picture with the Cheshire Cat which was really good fun. Try to go to the food festival if you can. In the summer they have Paul Hollywood turning up again and taking a demonstration. I went last year and watched Paul and James Martine. Loved it and also got my book signed and a little picture. Definitely really good fun.


Such a great weekend in Gloucester and returned home for a 4 day working week! Yes! Although I love my job I do like having time off to explore and have a bit of me time and doing some things I really really love.


This week I finally got back into my running properly. After a rather sporadic winter with not many runs at all it was good to get back on the wagon so to speak. I caught a cold on Easter weekend so getting back to it was particularly hard but definitely worth it. Although I have had a minor setback. I was finding my previous running ability had somewhat decreased and could not keep pace or stamina which made me panic. However I didn’t stop. I just took a step back and looked at what I could realistically do at the moment. I returned back to my trusty Couch to 5k (C25K) workout plan but started on week 5 out of 9 and I have been feeling a lot better and able. My 5k race isn’t until 21st June so it would give my time to get back to where I was an hopefully train to improve my time. It may have been the cold that made it difficult but I find taking a step back, letting my body adjust and getting better is worth so much more. Alongside I have been practicing Yoga and Pilates which are a great accompaniment especially for some core strength. Again, I have a lot to work on, mainly balance and arm strength so working hard now to keep up with that. I have got my Powerhoop out and started that as well. With the great weather we have had, it has been brilliant to be able to practice Yoga, Pilates and Hula-hooping in the sunshine in the garden. Making my own routines and spending more time exercising has been just brilliant. Even Luke has joined in with me!



This weekend was the combination of a lot of birthdays. My Mum birthday, Luke’s Mum birthday and my Dad birthday is in the coming week. We celebrated with a family BBQ which was bliss. We lit the chiminear in the garden, gathered round and shared good food with wonderful company and drinks. Yummy! The weather has been brilliant and even managed to squeeze in some more exercising. I ran on Sunday morning, with a Yoga and Hula-hooping session and finally finished off our Sunday with a an hour and a half dog walk which is exactly what was needed. I’m very lucky, there are some great spots to walk, run and get around to. Maybe a blog post of some of the best spots locally in South Wales?

Screenshot_2015-04-13-22-08-24-1 Screenshot_2015-04-13-22-08-29-1

In Cwmbran, there is a local shop called ‘Doodlebug’ which again I love. It has quirky nick-nacks and cards and geeky memorabilia. This weekend they had visitors from the Owl Sanctuary. The owls were really cute and they always look so wise. I cannot wait to visit the sanctuary and will update you when I do.


20150411_131228 20150411_131214

Anyway, that was it of my busy couple of weeks with more blogs to follow…

Check out the pictures!



St David’s Day!!!

Well again a busy weekend and apologies for a delay in writing. I will explain more about last weekend in a post to come shortly. Exciting!

2015-03-01 14.58.12

Firstly it has been an incredibly manic week. My parents went on holiday which means we are dog sitting, oh joy! I joke, I love him to bits. Having a dog is incredible with so many benefits including getting into the outdoors and walking, to cuddles at night and having someone there as company. However they are a lot a work and you have to think about the lifestyle you want to lead and career to follow as it isn’t fair to leave them for long periods of time. Every lunchtime I am coming home from work and letting him out whilst rushing my lunch as well as work being crazy busy. Seems to be one of those weeks.

On Thursday I was invited out with Luke’s university friends and we went out for a cheeky Wagamama down the Bay and then adult night at Techniquest. Techniquest was my favourite school trip… sciencey and nerdy! Adult only night was fab, like being a kid again. £3 entry and a bar it is what every adult should do.

2015-02-26 20.19.14

2015-02-26 20.19.10

This week was a really great week as one of my best friends had a surprise party planned and she genuinely had no idea. It was planned by her boyfriend and other best friend and it was just brilliant. The decor, the food and the cake was just beautiful. Had a really great time, catching up and a few drinks. Perfect night for me! I used to be really into clubbing and partying and well… now I’m not. Don’t get me wrong I love occasionally heading out a boogie the night away until dawn but sometimes I just like more of a quiet night having drinks and a catch up. In this instance it was more to do with the dog as I felt awful if I left him alone all night until silly time o’clock in the morning (like I said a pet = whole change of lifestyle).

Anyways after such a wonderful night, woke up with a mild hangover (red wine is evil but I love it) however time to get things done. We (the boyfriend and I) headed into town just to have a mosey around which is exactly what was needed to clear my head. Found some great buys. I am in love with the shop Tiger! It is brilliant and I went all hipster and bought mason jars for drinks in summer. Bring on the homemade lemonade and cocktails. Yummy! 🙂

2015-02-28 14.39.31 2015-02-28 14.39.22

I bought two new books (Sylvia Day and Jodi Ellen Malpas) which are a bit like 50 Shades of Grey. Has anyone seen that film yet? Thoughts? Anyway, I just wanted some light reads to pass the time. I really miss reading and I feel I only ever have time to read on holiday. Genuinely a holiday to me is the ability to read. I want to be able to do read a book a month, really take some time to have a bit of me time.

2015-02-28 17.54.52

Tonight was date night as I was away last weekend so we decided to have a cosy night in with a pizza, wine and a film. It was ideal. Sometimes the simplest of dates can be the best. We watched the rugby first and even enjoyed a halftime snack of salmon and cream cheese (my favourite). Then after the match had finished we cwtched up with the dog and just had a chilled out night with a glass of wine.

2015-02-28 19.15.30

Waking up and I couldn’t believe it was Sunday morning. The weekend went so quickly and soon Monday arrives. Back to work. Luckily I had a treat planned and met the girls for a catch up in Costas and a little hot chocolate. Sarah treated us to some choc chips cookies which were scrumptious and went with my hot chocolate perfectly. I definitely need that recipe! I was very grateful to the girls getting me up early as I felt unbelievably productive especially after feeling like my weekend had disappeared right in front on my eyes. We headed to Tiger (again!) and I picked up on some more Mason Jars but these ones had handles, utterly perfect for the summer and I cannot wait. BBQ’s, cocktails and beautiful decorations, also late enough evenings to get back into my running again which I cannot wait for. I have two goals this year…

1. Run a 5k in 30 minutes or less
2. To run a 10k

Enough dreaming about summer and wishing my life away. I bought an adult colouring book, sad I know but hear me out. I am not overly creative as a person. More of a logical creative is the best way to describe it. Anyway after a busy week or day sometimes I just want to do something with a hint of creative that is quite mind numbing and when I saw the book in The Works I thought it was the perfect thing to pick up to help. It is sad that we leave so much stuff behind that we love from being a kid when we are adults. Simple things like getting outside and activities such as colouring etc.


I baked bread for the first time ever. A beautiful wholemeal loaf that was surprisingly easy and cost effective which now sets us up for the week. Just brilliant! Then as it was St David’s Day I had to try making Welsh Cakes. Unfortunately I didn’t have a Bakestone but a heavy griddle pan that worked just as well. At least it give me a chance to have a go plus I don’t like raisins or sultanas so making plain ones are really handy as they are hard to find. Luke was happy watching the rugby and a quick Sunday lunch minus the gravy.

2015-03-01 14.52.52

So far in the evening it has been relaxed but the time just flies and I can’t believe how fast it goes and how much I want to achieve. A constant reminder to seize the day and make the most out of everything and don’t waste it.

I know this won’t be the most appetizing photo or exciting but I was particularly chuffed with my curry this evening. Made completely from scratch. Coconut milt, chicken, mushroom, chickpeas and curry paste. All with brown wholemeal rice. Yum!

2015-03-02 19.15.38

Now it is time to watch the darts on BBC Two for Comic Relief. Again I am a lover of quite a few sports including darts and I love to throw a few at a board too. What sports are you into and why?

Soon there will be posts of my trip to London and some previous places I have been to as well as soon I will be heading to Iceland which is super exciting 🙂 Any suggestions?

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant hapus I bawb!

Rugby and baking…

Well it has been another busy weekend!

The Six Nations started this weekend which is a bit like the Superbowl but for Europeans that lasts nearly two month, without the crazy advertising and the best tournament of the year. I made my way to my other home of Cardiff to have a catch up with the uni bunch and I was so glad I did. Since leaving University everyone is really busy so it is great to meet up on one of our special weekends. After having a few cocktails and drinks in the pub, me and Luke headed home and was grateful from Claire for giving us a lift home instead of fighting the crowds at the train station.


First Selfie Stick Selfie with Dad

Also, I surprised Luke and bought a selfie stick which Dad took a bit of a liking to so we used it before heading off to the rugby.

This weekend was a quieter weekend compared to most so I decided to bake, bake and bake some more! Perfect. Saturday morning I went to get supplies including the cutest decorations from Tiger and I was trying some new recipes. I love Tiger, bit like Ikea for normal everyday items.

First off was red velvet cupcakes… yummy! I was finally using some of my cook, baking books from Christmas and my own notes. Recipes will follow just having to fine tune them at the moment.

Baking notes

Messy Baking Notes


Piping the Red Velvet Cakes


Valentine Red Velvet Cakes

Then I went on to make Guinness Cake which looks scrumptious. Although I am not a big fan of Stout it is a lovely, sticky, sweet cake. Although I could not finish it on the Saturday night because I was meeting some of the girls at the local pub for a little catch up.


Just baked Guinness Cake


Up the pub early for a couple (well 1 alcoholic drink) and cwtched up on the sofa making some plans for the week. Mainly Yoga next Friday. Exciting!

Came home early at about 9pm to have Luke leave me some of his Chinese Chicken Satay which was super yummy indeed. Very lucky :). Haven’t had a Chinese in ages so a nice little treat.


My little Yorkie, Toffee

Now it is Sunday and it feels like the weekened has gone unbelievably fast again. The weekend flies by so quickly, I really need to work on getting the optimum amount out of each weekend. Perhaps I should try getting up super early on weekends but I love my bed. I decided to finish off my baking from yesterday so made a scrummy white chocolate frosting for the Guinness cake and decorated with some adorable cake decorations from Tiger.

Guinness cake

Guinness Cake

Now, Luke is from Gloucester and loves a ‘Lardy Cake’ and whenever we go to Gloucester he pops to the bakery and has one. Personally I am not a fan but then I have a massive love for Battenberg cake which not everyone loves either. Luckily at Christmas I was given a book by the Chef Tom Kerridge. I love this guy! His cooking is proper lush and he is a Gloucester boy too. One of my dream trips would be to visit his hotel and restaurant, The Hand and Flowers. The hotel looks beautifully designed and rustic set right in Buckinghamshire and his food looks wholesome, hearty and absolutely stunning.

Tom Kerridge

Tom Kerridge Proper Pub Food

Anyways, in this book was a recipe for this Lardy Cake, result! This was my first attempt and hopefully all is good. Then I made an orange caramel sauce to drizzle over the top. The Lardy Cake was similar to bread making, lots of waiting which is handy when I could do other things like bake more. Plus this was my first time proving and I was watching in wonder. It just kept growing and ‘breathing’. Incredible!


It’s Alive, Gordon’s Alive!

Lardy cake

Lardy Cake

Now for the gingerbread men. I love doing little decorated gingerbread men. They are so adorable and lovely with a nice cup of English breakfast tea. Unfortunately I got a bit lazy 😦 as it was later and left them undecorated but maybe next time.

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Baking prep

Messy in the Kitchen

Gingerbread men

Plain Gingerbread

Baking weekend

Shooting and business meetings…

Well it has been another busy weekend but still really good fun…

On Friday, I left work a little early (Thanks boss!) and headed home. This week we didn’t have snow 😦 but it has looked pretty and beautiful on the mountain. It has been bitterly cold so I couldn’t wait to get home back into the warm all cwtched up. At 6pm, I had yoga and dragged Niki with me. I am loving yoga! I have been practicing every morning this year, 2015, and I am falling more in love with it.

I have been using two YouTube channels that are brilliant. Firstly, there is Erin Motz (aka the Bad Yogi) this lady/yogi is brilliant and fabulous! She comes across as super sweet, funny and friendly. She makes yoga very accessible and understands that we are human and a cheeky glass of wine or a piece of steak is still allowed and should not be frowned upon and affect your ability to do yoga. I love that. I feel like I can, which has lead me to attend local classes and not feel intimidated and to enjoy the experience, make it your own and be yourself. Also, she has abs of steel and she is so flexible and I really want that, ultimate abspiration! Another channel is ‘Yoga with Adriene’, again another great channel with a wide variety of videos with different kinds of practices. Just as quirky and cool as Erin and making it accessible and enjoyable! This is what YouTube was created for!

Anyways, class was brilliant and the instructor is really sweet, friendly and approachable (what I needed). We worked hard and the ab section, OMG! I was in pain but unbelievably worth it. We felt brilliant after and I love going back and keeping with it. Home again and cwtched up watching the gorgeous Bradley Cooper in ‘American Sniper’. Not a film I would usually pick but was surprisingly good. Bit of a ‘lads’ film but some really important and thoughtful moments although the baby scenes are very fake but it is the movies!

Saturday morning and all hands on deck, the boyfriend’s family were coming and we were heading out for the day. It was a lovely day and started off with a lemon green tea… yummy. Today was the day that Luke and his cousin used their Christmas present and went clay pigeon shooting at a place called ‘Treetops’ in Newport. We arrived and I was a tad jealous. I always fancied having a go to be honest although nervous that I wouldn’t be able to even shoot the gun. When we arrived they offered me the chance to have a go and after a bit of deliberation I just went ahead and paid, picked up my ear protectors and grabbed the shotgun. I was quite chuffed, I managed to hit a few and not fall on my ass when shooting the gun. I really cannot wait to try it again! It was a good arm workout aswell, my right arm is aching from the recoil but all I am thinking of is the muscle! 🙂 Then we all headed for food and then to my exciting ‘business’ meeting.

10966584_1549409558672521_665302136_n 10967687_1549410772005733_123571064_n 10959261_1549409465339197_994766780_o

First time clay pigeon shooting :) #loveit #shooting #saturday #outdoors

Off to my friend Sarah (aka Nancy’s Vintage), I got paid with homemade tea and cake which is the best kind of payment, screw the diet for 5 mins. Basically, my super creative friend in her spare time makes all sorts, from jewellery to stationery and she is brilliant at it. Meeting at her house and discussed ideas, we made a blog page to act as a portfolio as well as a Facebook and Instagram. Definitely check out her website! After working hard and heading home, got to quickly watch the darts with the family. Love the darts! Favourite player has to be Wade.

Best ict business meeting ever :) #treats #tea #workinghard #nancysvintage

It is now Sunday, I am writing this and the weekend has flown by! After having a lovely breakfast (egg on toast, my favourite) we decided to have a fairly restful Sunday. Although I was up crazy early this morning for some unknown reason. Decided I would further work on my friends blog and get some things done. Mum cooked a great Sunday Lunch as always and then headed out to walk the dog.

Walking the dog down by the river :) #walking #relaxing #outdoors #winter #february

I love walking down by the river by my house. I am very lucky where I live that you get the proximity to both my own town and Cardiff and being able to wander and feel away from things and chilled out. The weather was lovely for a walk and the dog enjoyed it as usual. He is currently sleeping so it seems to have done the job.

Being outdoors walking the dog down by the river #feelingrefreshedWalking outdoors down by the river #bliss #sunday #walking

Heading back home, we decided to have a classic boardgame night. Firstly, with Kerplunk (the boyfriend had never played before). This was over fairly quick and I completely forgot that it takes a little time to set up. More time than it takes to play in fact. Still good fun though. Then we went on to my favourite… Cluedo! Luke for Christmas had a newer version and they have changed it :(. I love the classics and don’t think it should be changed but hey ho that’s just me. I got my old classic down (makes me happy, it’s the little things) and we played. I miss boardgames, don’t seem to do this much anymore due to computers, video games, mobiles and boxsets. Don’t get me wrong I love all of those but I am a bit old fashioned and love a classic boardgame. Mum was making us laugh as she forgot how to play so she was getting confused. We had Twinings English Breakfast tea and scones with clotted cream and jam (a bit of afternoon tea).

Classic Sunday night in with the family. Cluedo and kerplunk #boardgames #tea #scones

Unfortunately, I got no crafts or baking started today and I need to start getting my head down into it. I was fortunate enough at Christmas to have crochet needles, a new Singer sewing machine and a new fancy mixer for my baking. Also, my girlfriends got together and got me some great knitting needles from Cath Kidston and I have still not started anything substantial. As I write this I am sat cwtched up with another cup of tea and thinking about a lot of things. I want to be able to try as many new things and see as many new places as I can (preferably with a cup of tea). I want to be able to start and finish a project that is in my head. This will be my plan for the coming weeks is to focus and start doing what more of what I enjoy.

Sometimes things happen and it really puts a perspective on things and how to deal with things and whether I have dealt with things in the past well. What have I learnt?

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